Kids Children Hand Dyed Indonesia Batik Face Covering 100% Cotton - Black Orange Seashell
Kids Gili Collection Batik Face Covering - Seashell
Kids Gili Collection Batik Face Covering - Seashell
Kids Gili Collection Batik Face Covering - Seashell

Kids Gili Collection Batik Face Covering - Seashell

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"The best-performing design was a [face covering] made with thick batik fabric." - The New York Times

This is a KIDS size washable three layers batik face covering handmade by artisans.

  • Has nose wire and adjustable elastic ear strap.
  • This fabric is handmade by artisans in Java using centuries old wax & dye batik technique.
  • This batik pattern is called Keong Sogan, nicknamed Seashell
  • Kids/small Size: 7.1" wide and 2.2" tall, nose to chin height of 5.3". Fits most 4 to 10 years old.
  • 100% tightly woven cotton fabric.
  • Total of three layers batik face covering, including the pocket layer.
  • Has pocket for filter. Filter is not included in this sale.
  • Machine washable in cold and air dry. Wash batik face coverings separate from other garments.
  • No returns or exchanges on face covering.
  • This is a non-medical grade face covering. They are not intended for use in a medical or clinical setting, nor are they meant to replace medical-grade PPE and measures recommended by the CDC. ANY CHILD USING THIS PRODUCT MUST BE UNDER CONSTANT AND DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION. KASIH CO-OP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM CAUSED WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT.


"You do want to use a woven fabric, like batik." - NBC News


Note: Due to variations of pattern on batik fabric, the final fabric maybe different from the ones pictured.

Customer Reviews

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Love their mask. Highly recommended

CBR (New Haven, CT)
Wonderful Masks

I wanted to give an 11 year old a few special masks as she wait her turn to be vaccinated. These masks were perfect. High quality all around, with wonderful colors and patterns.

C. (New Haven, CT)
Fabulous Face Masks

These far exceeded my expectations, and I regret that I did not order them sooner. The nose wire and side loops are perfect and they fit me! The designs are fabulous and creative. Although I am fully vaccinated and not wearing a face mask regularly, I ordered these because I still need them at times and kids I know need them for summer activities. Love them!