Handmade teak wood round plate 15.75 inches width

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Handmade teak wood round plate made by artisans in Indonesia. Teak wood has natural oil and rubber that makes it perfect and long lasting for kitchenware. This is an extra large teak plate that can be use as a serving tray of hors d'oeuvre, cheese and fruits.

Size: 15.75 inches

Teak wood is native to the tropics and is very commonly found in Southeast Asia and especially in Indonesia. Teak wood is one of the most valued and most expensive compared to other woods, such as acacia, pine or oak. Teak wood has high amount of natural oil and rubber and is more weather-resistant than other woods. This is why you'll find teak wood more commonly used as outdoor furniture or kitchenware.

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Instant classic! It’s subtly upgrading,

Instant classic! It’s subtly upgrading, like a great item we’ve had forever ( and probably will use it for a long time). My husband noticed this plate in the middle of all the things and thought it was so nice and asked where I got it from. Fast shipping and super responsive seller. So happy to have found this store.

Jen C.
I was looking for a

I was looking for a new serving plate and found this one at KasihCoop. It is perfect! Such a beautiful wood and a great size! I love it!

Designed in manhattan beach, ca

Handmade by Indonesian Artisans