DIY Batik Fabric Painting Kit - 11 Inch Cotton Fabric, Wax, Canting Tool Design, Paint, Brush and Palette


Traditional hand-drawn batik making set. We offer batik-making tools that can be easily used at home.


List of items included in this kit:

  1. 11.8" x 11.8" cotton fabric
  2. a canting tool
  3. one pattern to copy. The pattern is showcasing Cloudy Cloud or Mega Mendung pattern that is common batik pattern from Cirebon, Indonesia
  4. Wax
  5. A frame
  6. 4 paint colors: green, red, blue, orange
  7. Brush
  8. Palette

Equipment needed and not included in this kit:

  • Heating equipment to melt wax

How to Make Hand-Drawn Batik:

  1. Trace the design onto the fabric.
  2. Stretch and secure the fabric on the frame.
  3. Heat the wax in a pan over a flame.
  4. Use the canting tool to apply the wax to the fabric following the pattern until it penetrates to the back.
  5. After completing the batik, color it with the desired paint colors.

This batik making kit require you to color inside the pattern instead of dipping the entire fabric into dye.

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