Updated 2/17/2021

Batik originated from Indonesia and has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). There are many different patterns that are used to make in Batik technique and we are covering a few here:

  • Mega Mendung. This pattern is very popular in Cirebon and it translates to cloudy/almost rainy weather. It showcases cloud in bright colors. 
    • Parang originates from Solo, Java. It shows a diagonal pattern and it is said to be one of the oldest batik design in Indonesia.

    • Batik Kawung is a design that looks like the fruit "Kawung". It originates from Java and it is traditionally only worn with king and his family because it symbolizes justice and power.

    Kawung fruit

    Kawung pattern

    • Batik Lasem originates from Central Java and its design and color is influenced by the Chinese, Javanese, Dutch cultures. It is known to have bright colors. 

    These are only a few of batik patterns that we have covered. We're excited to showcase more Indonesian batik patterns in the future through Kasih Co-op.

    • Sekar Jagad. Batik Sekar Jagad originated in the 18th century. It's made up from the Indonesian word "sekar" which means flower and the Javanese word "Jagad" which means world and it symbolizes the beauty of diversity in Indonesia. The patterns are typically separated into 'islands' that showcase various designs.

    Source: Semarang Post

    • Truntum is a popular batik pattern from Solo, Java. It was created by Kanjeng Ratu Kencana, the daughter of Sunan Pakubuwana III. Truntum originated from the word tumaruntum which means to grow. This batik pattern is popular for weddings and wedding processions. 

    Source: Liputan6.com

    • Ulamsari Mas originates from Bali and showcases images of fishes and shrimps. Fishing is one of the livelihoods of Balinese and they created this batik pattern as an appreciation of the island's natural resources of fish, seafood and raw materials.

    Source: Indonesia.travel

    • Batik Betawi originates from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and often depicts images of ondel-ondel (Betai effigies) or Pitung's house (traditional home of Jakarta). Batik betawi tends to use bright colors and unique motifs that differentiate them from other regions in Indonesia


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