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Top Five Reasons Why People Love Our Kasih Co-op's Batik Face Masks

#1. Our face masks are made using 700 years old batik wax and dye technique.

Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth. Batik is traditionally done on tightly woven cotton and that is why it is highly recommended to use as face masks by The New York Times and NBC News. This technique originated from Java, Indonesia and has been around since the 13th century. Our face masks are made with hand-stamped batik and some are made with an additional step of hand-drawn batik.

#2. Our Gili & Lombok face masks are made of three layers batik cotton fabric.

Our Gili & Lombok face masks are made of three layers batik cotton fabric. Jan from Snohomish, WA stated "It’s beautiful, has the same fabric inside and out ( white insides make no sense) so lipstick and chocolate smears don’t make it look filthy. It’s very well designed and sewn." 

#3. Our face masks are handmade by artisans in Indonesia.

Kasih Co-op partners with artisans in Indonesia who handmade our batik face masks.

#4. Our face masks have nose wire and adjustable ear straps for the best fit. 

Carol from Portland, OR wrote "The nose wire and adjustable ear elastic are great. The fabric is beautiful and I feel good wearing the mask."

#5. Our batik face masks are unique & beautiful.

Nancy from Tampa, FL wrote "I love my masks. They fit really well and the fabric is beautiful. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them!"


See for yourself why 500 people give us five-star reviews and get our limited number batik face mask today.

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