1. Set your heater thermometer at 68F or less

  • Keeping your thermometer at lower level means that your house will need less energy to heat it.

2. Have blankets around the house 

  • Have many blankets around the house and not just in the bedroom. We have blankets in our living room, in a basket close to our breakfast area and in the office.

3. Drink hot non-caffeinated tea before bedtime

  • Chamomile or some sort of ginger honey tea is our go to option for keeping warm.

4. Layer up

  • Our favorite is by layering up using our batik kimono robes or with our shawl even when we are sleeping

5.  Make sure your windows, door, fireplace dampers are closed.

  • Make sure your windows and doors are closed or properly sealed.
  • Close the fireplace damper if you are not using it. 


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