By: Ivana, Kasih Co-op's founder

When I was 16 years old and living in Indonesia, I received a fully paid scholarship to study in Singapore with accommodations included for four years. This program is still going on now called the ASEAN Scholarships that is provided by Singapore's Ministry of Education to students in South East Asia and China. 

In Singapore, I met so many talented and smart students from all over Asia that has really expanded my world view to go beyond Asia and thus landed me to study at UCLA.

Advancing girls education is a mission near and dear to my heart, along with ensuring women entrepreneurs have the support they need to expand their market. This is why I started Kasih Co-op 12 years ago.

Kasih Co-op donates a portion of our profit to advance girls' education through Yayasan Usaha Mulia, which is highly graded at

I am excited to share that Kasih Co-op has recently sponsored yet another student, Aniyah from West Java through Yayasan Usaha Mulia. She is currently studying in 11th grade. Learn more about Aniyah below.

Kasih Co-op has also continued to support Benami, a student in Borneo and this is the third year we have been sponsoring Benami's education. Attached is the update on Benami in 2021. 
I look forward to sponsoring girls' education as a way to pay it forward to my past scholarship. This, along with supporting women entrepreneurs in Indonesia are Kasih Co-op's mission.
If you are interested to learn more and donate to Yayasan Usaha Mulia, you can learn more about them through, which is a non profit organization that helps donors make safe and easy US tax-deductible donations.
Thank you for supporting Kasih Co-op and our mission.

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