Kasih Coop Batik Ikat Cushion Pillow Handmade Ethical Sustainable Home Goods

When our founder, Ivana, moved into her home a few years ago with two children under two years old, she knew that she wanted a different formal living room in her home, one without any couch and a place for 'lesehan', an Indonesian word that means to sit and relax on the floor, typically while eating or enjoying snacks. 

Ivana incorporated Kasih Co-op's handwoven ikat poufs and handwoven ikat pillows for her living room. For most of the furniture, she looked at Facebook Marketplace for the used chinese/ thai low coffee table, the pair of Baker furniture 60 years old Chinese Ming chair was found on Craigslist and a few other finds from antique stores or online.

At first,Ivana struggled with the various different wood tone on the living room. However, the handwoven ikat pillows and poufs married all together well. The wooden Chinese bench is a really heavy 100 years old oak bench found on an antique store, 2 hours away from home.

So far, her six and four years old children love making forts with the poufs and building imaginary castles with her pouf. Her four year old has accidentally dented the 60 years old Chinese Ming Baker furniture by banging his Halloween costume prop axe onto the chair. She brought over the Indonesian traditional game congklak on her coffee table and has taught her children how to play it. 

The newest addition to the formal living room of course is the rattan basket filled with various clean handmade batik face masks from our collection.

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