Gift Set of Hand-dyed Batik Robe Kimono, Handwoven Pouch and Canting Wax and Dye Tool


This is a gift set of three items which include: our most popular hand-dyed and hand-stamped batik robe kimono in Sunflower pattern; a handwoven pouch from natural material called Grey Sedge - a type of woody plant from swamp in Borneo that is handwoven by women Dayak tribe; and lastly a Batik Canting Wax & Dye tool that is used to hand draw our batiks.

About our batik robe kimono in Sunflowers:

  • This batik kimono robe is made from white cotton fabric that is then hand-stamped and hand-dyed using 700 years old batik wax and dye technique. The batik fabric is also then sun baked. 
  • This batik kimono robe is designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and handmade by artisans in Java, Indonesia.
  • Please expect some variation of the color due to the hand-dyeing and the sun drying process.
  • This pattern is nicknamed Sunflowers, which has Flower petals.
  • Size: One Size. Up to 48" at chest and hips and 39" in length
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric typically used for hand-drawn batik method
  • Two side pockets
  • Removable waist tie closure
  • Belt loops and inside ties to secure closure
  • Side slits at hem
  • Machine washable in cold and air dry. Wash batik separate from other garments.

About our handwoven Grey Sedge pouch:

  • This is a handwoven all natural pouch made of Grey Sedge plant "Purun". This wild plant grows abundant in the peatlands in Borneo, Indonesia and is used by a group of women in Borneo to weave into pouch, bag and basket.
  • Size: 11.8 x 7.8 x1.18 "
  • The Dayak tribe in Borneo, Indonesia took the Purun plants from peat swamps around the village using a boat. The most difficult process is to pound the Purun until it becomes thin, before weaving them into pouches.
  • Purun is organic and easily decomposes, so this pouch is eco-friendly, 100% natural and reusable beyond our gift set.

About our canting wax and dye tool:

  • Canting is a traditional Javanese tool for applying wax in batik making.
  • It consists of a small copper reservoir attached to a wood handle.
  • The reservoir holds hot wax, which is then drawn onto fabric in intricate patterns, used to make our batik bandana or robes.
  • Used in conjunction with dyes to create colorful designs.
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Designed in manhattan beach, ca

Handmade by Indonesian Artisans