Take a look at the video of our artisan making hand-stamped and hand drawn batik from white cotton fabric all the way to the end fabric. The videos showcased some of these steps:

  • Hand stamping hot wax onto white cotton fabric using copper plate
  • Letting the hot wax dry on our fabric by hanging them to air dry
  • Depending on which pattern we are making, sometimes we will dye or paint the fabric with the first color, and then we would apply hot wax using canting tool by hand drawing over areas of the fabric that we want to preserve the first color
  • Hand dye-ing the fabric and letting the dyed fabric dry
  • Boiling the whole fabric in hot water to remove the hot wax. The color that was covered by hot wax will remain white
  • If it is a multi dye process, the wax removed will show the first color the fabric was dyed in.
  • Hanging the fabric to let it dry.

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