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How to tighten elastic ear band on your face mask

If you need to make the batik face mask fit your face better, follow this step by step:

1. Hold the elastic together like in this picture

Kasih Coop Batik Face Mask

2. Make a loop around one part of the elastic band.

Kasih Coop Batik Face Mask

3. Tie the loop around one part of the elastic band. I found that making a loop around the top part of the elastic band instead over both top and bottom elastic band will fit better.

4. Tie the loop tight. This does not tie a dead knot and instead you can adjust the loop to be bigger or smaller.

5. Do the same on the other side.

6. Rock your batik face mask. You can also get filter/tissue and put it in the pocket before wearing.

Or else you can also get adjustable ear toggle from Amazon and then take a look also our other blog post about how to attach your adjustable ear toggle back on to your face mask.

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