Take a look at our founder, Ivana's interview with Cottages & Bungalows on the 2022 design trends.
According to the professionals, these are the 2022 design trends you need to know.
Need some fresh ideas for transforming your home in 2022? We’ve got you covered! Our nine professional design and home experts offer advice that you can put into practice. From spa-like bathrooms to colorful kitchens, these specialists know what’s up.

Colors vs. Neutrals

Ivana Darmawan, founder of Kasih Co-op, also commented on [the trend to go for colors vs neutrals], saying that colorful accents are the way to go. “For smaller spaces, it may be daunting to commit to a certain wall color or large piece of one-of-a-kind furniture, as it would be difficult to swap out later. Instead, choose colorful pillows, throws, and linens that are fun and easy to change. They’ll give your space more personality."

Unique Furnishings and Finishes

Ivana Darmawan thinks there will be more interest in global aesthetics, due to the limited traveling we’ve been able to do in 2020 and 2021. “Intermingling accessories like batik and ikat pillows and throws allows us to reminisce about our past travels or yearn for future vacations.” She also believes smaller spaces will benefit from having interesting, colorful table linens. “People are becoming more comfortable with smaller, intimate dinner parties,” she says, “While hosting these private gatherings, having high-quality, unique tabletops will set the tone for quality time and encourage people to talk with each other.”
“Pops of color are beneficial for smaller spaces,” Ivana Darmawan says.

Multi-functional Spaces

Ivana Darmawan knows that multi-functional spaces will be important for many employees that work from home. She states, “As we start getting back to normalcy and seeing more friends and family, some people are still working from home. With that in mind, the goal will be to make the rooms multi-functional, but presentable, as we start hosting friends and family at home now. Some people may have their dining room and home office in the same area, so storage space to swap out decorations will be important. Adding pillows on dining chairs can also help provide delineation between working time and resting time.”

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