Mancala Teak Wood Dakon Congklak Naga Board Game, Dragon Head Board Game


Handmade teak wood mancala, dakon, congklak made by our artisans in Indonesia. NOT SOLD WITH COWRY SHELLS.

  • Mancala wooden board game
  • All natural solid teak wood
  • Size: 33,45inches x 11.02inches x 7,08inches
  • Handmade by artisans in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Hand carved dragon heads on each side
  • Unique handmade tribal centerpiece large
  • Handmade shelving shelves display piece
  • Sold as wooden board game and does not include cowry shells or beads.

Congklak is a two player game where opponents compete to get the most shells into their storehouses. The game is similar to mancala. Congklak in Indonesia is typically played using cowrie shells.


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